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SoftBank's prepaid card for personal use. Learn more about the Comica card.

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"Comica" is prepaid card system that allows you to make calls, from Japan to overseas(226 areas), from overseas(32 areas) to Japan and within Japan. It is secure and convenient for taking with you when you go overseas on vacation or on a business trip. And since it is a prepaid card, you can freely use it for making international and domestic calls without worrying about over-use.

Five Merits of Comica (Communication Card)

Make calls anywhere, as long as you use a push-tone phone!

You can use your "Comica" card to call from Japan to more 230 countries and regionsthroughout the world just as long as you use a push-tone type telephone. "Comica" cards may be used from public telephones, home telephones, mobile phones, PHS phones or BB Phones.

  • It may not be able to use the service for some regions.

Make international and domestic calls worldwide with Comica!

In addition to making calls to Japan, "Comica" cards now also let you make international calls when you are abroad! Offering a cheap 24 hours flat rate, together with call charging in economical 6-second units, "Comica" cards can be used to make calls at any time from 32 countries to 226 regions throughout the world, including Japan. Use these even more convenient "Comica" cards when traveling overseas on holiday, studying, or business trips!

Cheap calling rates!

Since calls are charged in 6-second units, rates are very economical. The Charged Access Telephone No. 03-4360-7500 is also available, offering a special cheap rate system without using the Free-Dial numbers.

Special card premiums!

The following premiums are provided according to the value of the "Comica" cards:
¥1000 card: Can use to make ¥1150 worth of calls (15%)
¥3000 card: Can use to make ¥3500 worth of calls (16.6%)
¥5000 card: Can use to make ¥5900 worth of calls (18%)
¥10000 card: Can use to make ¥12000 worth of calls (20%)

Easy! Convenience! Simple Dialing!

Dial the Access number directly followed by the Destination number. By registering your phone number you no longer need to dial your ID number from and after your second call.

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