ComicaEveryday prepaid card

SoftBank's prepaid card. Learn about the ComicaEveryday card for Comica.

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"ComicaEveryday" is a prepaid card that allows you to make international and domestic calls originated only in Japan.It is a secure and convenient way to make international and domestic calls without worrying about excess use.

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How to make a call

  • *1 Toll-free access is also available 0120-965-627
  • *2 Overseas telephone No.: Input the country code followed by the city or area code (without the initial "0") and the telephone number. Domestic telephone No. in Japan: Input the city or area code (with the initial "0") followed by the telephone number.

Service Menu

Contents of Services and How to Use
Customer Support Center tel 0120-85-0061 > [* *] > 7

Purchasing Method and Locations("Comica Everyday" Distributors)
Cosmic tel 050-5803-9003 mail

Prepaid Phone Service Contract(Japanese) and "Comica Everyday" Service Contract(Japanese).
In case of the result of fees and the other calculations, if any fraction less than one yen is produced, then rounded to the nearest yen.

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