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It is our mission at SoftBank to maintain a website that is easier to use and view for our users. Before viewing and using "SoftBank Service Site" ( "the Website" ) , please read through the below. Please note that the content is subject to change without prior notice.

Viewing and Using the Website


To protect privacy information, registration form pages of this Website use SSL (Secure Socket Layer). If SSL is not supported in your browser, or if you are accessing from your office through a firewall, the pages may not display properly.

System Requirements

This Website is optimized for browsers operating on PCs, mobile phones, iPhone4/4S/5, iPad2/iPad mini/iPad Retina and Android™ smartphones.

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The Website uses JavaScript for a better service for our users. When JavaScript is disabled in your browser, some of the website navigation and contents may not work properly. Please enable JavaScript when viewing this Website.

Plugins and Viewing Software

The Website uses the technologies of "Flash®" and "Acrobat Reader" . If your system does not support the plugins listed below, please click on the displayed buttons to access the download websites provided for the plugin products and download and install the software to your system.

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  • Adobe® Flash™ and Adobe® Reader™ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.


What are "Cookies" ?

This Website uses cookies to provide a better user experience. A cookie is a temporary data file that is issued to your web browser by the web page server. Cookies do not include your name, address, phone number or any information that may be used to identify the user. Also, a cookie does not cause any disruptions on your computer system.

Purpose of Using a Cookie

This Website uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • - To display personalized contents for each user and improve user-friendliness and the overall efficiency of this Website.
  • - To track the traffic to this Website, such as the number of users and number of views.
  • - To display optimized advertisement to other websites based on the usage of this Website.

-About advertisement usage
Advertisements of SoftBank are listed to various websites on the Internet through third parties, including Yahoo! JAPAN and Google, which we have consigned advertisement distribution.

Third parties including Yahoo! JAPAN and Google use cookies and distribute advertisements based on the past access records to this Website. Due to this, third parties including Yahoo! JAPAN and Google, which we have consigned advertisement distribution, may store and reference the cookies of this Website.

Handling Cookies

You can change how you want to handle cookies in your browser. If you want to control how you handle cookies, you can choose the option to "allow cookies" , "block cookies" or "prompt when cookies are received". How to change the settings to control cookies in your browser may vary depending on the browser you are using. Please check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to control cookies in your browser. However, if you choose the option to block cookies, some of the contents of this website may not work properly in your browser. Additionally, for Google's advertisement display using cookies, you can access Google's advertisement page and change the settings.

Troubles when viewing web pages or when web pages are not working properly

Depending on the settings of your browser, animations and in some cases the entire web page may not be displayed properly. If this happens, please check for the following:

The web page does not get displayed when selecting a menu from pages such as "Inquiry Form"

Web pages like these use SSL technology to protect your user information. Please check the security settings of your browser. If you are accessing the page through an internet connection via a corporate LAN, access to these pages might be blocked. If that is the case, please contact the system administrator of your corporate network.


Texts, images, illustrations, videos and software of this Website are protected by copyrights, patents, trademarks and any other rights reserved by SoftBank, affiliated companies of SoftBank or a third party. Unauthorized copying and replication of any contents of this Website is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

Linking to this Website

You do not need to contact SoftBank to display a link to the top page of this Website regardless of affiliation (profit, non-profit, or intranet). However, please review the content of this Information Website Policy and carefully adhere to the rules and instructions provided.

Rules for linking to this Website
  • 1. When linking to this Website, please review the content of "How to Link" section and follow the instructions carefully.
  • 2. You may only link to We do not allow linking to other pages.
  • 3. We only provide the permission to link to this Website from other websites. We are not responsible for the contents displayed to the website in which this Website is linked to.
  • 4. We strictly prohibit this Web Site to be linked to websites such as:
    • - websites and pages including contents with intention to slander or undermine the credibility of SoftBank and other organizations (including persons)
    • - websites and pages including adult contents
    • - websites and pages including contents violating public order and morality
    • - websites and pages including illegal or potentially illegal contents
    • - websites and pages related to illegal or potentially illegal actions
    • - websites and pages that display this Web Site in a frame or in any other way that may make the identification of this Website unclear and have the possibility of deceiving users.
  • 5. Regardless of the reasons, if this Information Website Policy and the rules to link this Website cannot be followed, we strictly prohibit the linking of this Website in any way or form. If SoftBank requests for a link to be fixed for deleted, you are required to follow its request.
How to Link

1.Inserting a text link

When using a text, add the following description to your HTML file:

<a href=""></a>

Inserting an image link (only for service pages)

To use an image to link, add the following description to your HTML file:

<a href=""><img src="xxx" width="yyy" height="zzz" border="0" alt="SoftBank" /></a>


1. Copyright

Copyrights to contents (information, materials, images, etc.) of are reserved by SoftBank. Unauthorized copying, replication, selling, and any other secondary use of the contents are strictly prohibited.

2. Appropriation of the contents (information, materials, images, etc.)

Appropriation of the contents is strictly prohibited regardless of affiliation (profit, non-profit or intranet).

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