How to use KOKUSAI Card prepaid card

SoftBank's prepaid card for personal use. Learn about the terms of use for KOKUSAI Card.

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  • KOKUSAI Card

    How to make a call

Calling Overseas from Japan or Making Domestic Calls within Japan

Fixed phone,Mobile phone,PHS phone, IP phone, BB phone, HIKARI DENWA
  • To call Japan, enter the area code with the initial "0"
    To call overseas, enter the area code without the initial "0"


Please use a push-tone phone.
We are not responsible for any loss of your card or leakage of your card number to third parties.
This card is not allowed to be exchanged, reissued, refunded, or exchanged for money.
This card is not available for calls to three-digit special numbers such as 110 and 119.
The table of calling times gives a rough guide to the maximum calling time when the card is used one time until it completely runs out.
The card will expire at the end of the month one year after the purchase.
This card complies with the prepaid phone service agreement and the terms of service.

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