Personal services from SoftBank

Personal services from SoftBank. Learn about the OTOKU Line, domestic and international call services, BB Mobile Point and more.

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Prepaid Card

Domestic and international phone prepaid card from Japan and overseas.
International phone prepaid card that corresponds to the POSA(Point Of Sales Activation) system.

Voice and Telephone Services


The service area is expanding gradually.
We welcome your application.

0061 International Direct Dialing Service

Use SoftBank's low-price telephone services for international calls from Japan to overseas.

0065 Credit Call

A credit call service to make international calls from Japan. You can use this cashless service from public phones.

0088 Telephone Service

Easy operation for more reasonable local and long-distance calls.

0062 Automatic Charge Notification Service

We'll notify your international call charge from Japan to overseas quickly. Just dial "0062" when you make an international call.

Home Dial

Call cashless from overseas to Japan.Easy dialing procedure with Japanese voice guidance.


BB Mobile Point

We provide roaming services to Internet service providers in public wireless LAN service areas such as station buildings of JR or first-food shops.

BB Mobile Point


"ODN" is the safe and secure Internet service with a variety of resonable courses from dialup to Broadband.



Choose "SpinNet" if you wish to have full English support. "SpinNet" is the high-quality and high-value added Internet service.